Discourage Mongering Juggernaut Sacked! Now What?


A solid Democratic barrage has left the 'Quarterback' limping poorly, and his 'Receivers' are spread all around the political playing field.

Throw-in Pastor Ted Haggard's Methamphetamine laced gay intercourse scandal, and not even a 'Saddam Finale' could save the Republicans.

Over the last three weeks the Republican approach is essentially a choru... To compare additional information, please consider checking out: cheap pastor lee mcfarland.

The Chickens have home to roost, as they say. The corrupt Republican smear & shock mongering juggernaut has been sacked!

A solid Democratic onslaught has left the 'Quarterback' limping defectively, and his 'Receivers' are spread throughout the political playing field.

Throw in Pastor Ted Haggard's Methamphetamine laced gay sex scandal, and not even a 'Saddam Finale' can rescue the Republicans.

During the last three weeks the Republican strategy continues to be fundamentally a chorus of worry mongering and the seeing of Racist and shameless, eager adverts into our living spaces. Here goes:

- A win for the Dems is a win for terrorists!

- Nancy Pelosi is an 'Extreme Liberal' from 'Gay San Francisco'!

- Oh my God! Charlie Rangel (a black Congressman) is likely to be running the Ways & Means Committee!

- your taxes will be raised by The Dems!

- 2-0 million 'filthy' immigrants have invaded us and are tearing this country asunder!

Profane and blasphemous inflammations!

The American people are not that stupid after all, they are tired of being treated like fools, and have given a strong rebuke to the arrogant and grossly incompetent Republican administration.

Never in my entire life have I ever experienced a political unit so completely 'precisioned,' yet so dangerously problematic, but as the wise have said before -- 'a thief has forty days'!

The history of the Republican party within the last six years has similarities to the proverbial boy who like-d to cry 'Wolf'! pretending that he would definitely be enjoyed by a wolf. When people came running to support him, they found the boy laughing because h-e wasn't really in peril. This happened quite a few times till individuals stopped believing him when h-e cried, 'Wolf'! Finally, the child was attacked by a real wolf and nobody found save yourself him since they all believed he was just crying wolf.

The real wolf in cases like this is the Democratic Party and the fed-up folks are Americans( excluding the best wing nuts).

Individuals have had enough of the charade and have clearly indicated they want change.

It is neither a complete Democratic avalanche nor is it a revolution, but a definite sign that almost all are fed up with being hoodwinked, cajoled and demeaned.

Having said the above, now what?

The primary issue at-hand is Iraq -- It's clear that this ill-conceived and badly executed war is being poorly managed and a confrontation between George Bush and Congress is simmering.

Sources indicate that this government, up against a 'Vietnam' like failure, is thinking partitioning Iraq into three autonomous regions. The Baker commission, a bi-partisan 'Iraq study group' set up by Congress and light emitting diode by former Secretary of State James Baker, to study the hopeless situation in Iraq, is set to propose to the Bush government to split Iraq in to three parts, namely Kurdish, Shiite, and Sunni.

Classic 'Divide and Rule' Imperialism

The invasion of Iraq was an imperialist act skillfully hidden under the fear of panic. Separating a nation to 'get' is just a well-known tactic, mastered by colonial Europeans particularly 'Master Imperialist' Great Britain, all through and following the World Wars. A thieving technique whose main purpose would be to maintain exclusive get a grip on of natural resources and to encourage economic and cultural imperialism even with withdrawal -- Mr. Bush calls it 'Spreading Democracy.'

If the Baker commission recommends the partitioning of Iraq, the matter for the Bush government won't be the fair division of oil wealth towards the three Iraqi sectarian organizations, but rather how much of this oil wealth will Bush's team of 'Hyena' oil cronies control and exploit.

Colluding with the Kurds will be relatively easy, however the Shiites and their Iranian brothers will be hard nut to crack, meanwhile the Sunni's who had formerly enjoyed Saddam Hussein's patronage for many years, will not go prone.

Assume the bloodshed to double the present levels -- Imperialism has met a solid wall.

Tens of thousands of lives of courageous American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians have been lost in vain, for it is impossible-to win this war. Some kind of re-treat is the only solution. If 140,000 troops haven't had the oppertunity to 'win' in three years, I do not see them doing this in ten years.

For the history, Colin Powell, a decorated military general warned them ahead of visit war: 'you split it, you own it.'

In two years, if this government does not cleanup it's act, I see George Bush removing from Iraq....in utter disgrace, and in the process cementing his place in history as one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States -- the president who wantonly destroyed one of the oldest cultures in the world -- Mesopotamia.

While Bill Clinton can flourish in repairing his legacy, besmirched with a sexual experience, I do not see Bush doing also even though he tries to, for his is tainted in body, plus he neither has the trend nor the ability to move anyone in the world to his side, and he appears determined to 'remain the course,' to nowhere. Pastor Lee Mcfarland includes more about why to do this belief. If you think any thing, you will possibly claim to learn about relevant webpage. A Democratic Congress salivating in the mouth such as a starved 'Nile crocodile,' will just allow it to be worse for him if he does not toe the line.

There are many other domestic problems to be handled including Healthcare, Social Security Reform and particularly Immigration. I found out about lee mcfarland by browsing the Internet.

When the Republican party keeps on insisting the thousands immigrants who already are here be deported summarily, without the humane considerations as to whether they have built strong roots and affiliations in this country, they could kiss the Latino and all the future 'immigrant votes' farewell, completely.

In the event the Democrats grab this opportunity and play their cards right over the next 2+ years, the group could be punting in to the means many years to come..