Age is not an factor when it comes to panic attacks and neither is your gender. Panic attacks are not something to be taken lightly and anyone who suffers from them will tell you that. These symptoms that are associated with panic attacks can actually cause real fear for the sufferer. A panic attack can actually appear out of no where, and are almost impossible to predict. Panic attacks are experienced by nearly three million people in the United States alone. In this article we will be talking about panic attacks and pointing out some of the symptoms associated with them.

People who are in the middle of an attack, have the symptom of totally losing control, even to the point of going insane. These attacks are not something to be taken lightly and unless you have been through it, you will never realize how bad they can be. Having a little stress once in a while is one thing, but to become petrified of circumstances and not know when they are going to happen, is hard to even imagine. Not everyone has such severe cases of panic attacks, and some people only have to deal with them every now and again. There is hope for all you panic attack sufferers, because you can find treatments to help you cope.

Dealing with anxiety and fear can often induce headaches, sometimes migraines, that are the result of trying to handle the situation. Tension headaches are often caused by this type of situation.

Compression of the skull is a typical description of how these headaches feel after experiencing a stressful situation. Several types of headaches, including migraines, are not created by stress or anxiety, though they can worsen as a result of these feelings. Typically, simple things like reading too much or working on a computer for hours on end can induce these headaches and can be made worse through negative emotions. Reducing the amount of headaches that you have, as well as how intense they can be, can usually be done through meditation and relaxation exercises.

Many people describe having numb fingers and hands while a panic attack is in progress. Panic attacks may be more mental, but the inner stress comes out in the physical. The blood flows to all parts of the body, and if it is interrupted in any way, it can cause problems.

Feeling stressed is definitely a precursor to improper blood flow which can cause a tingling and numbness in your hands and feet. All people are different, and stress can affect you in a variety of ways. Stressful situations can definitely cause numbness in your extremities, but the tingling may also be due to a medical condition, something that you should consult your doctor about right away.

While these symptoms are for more severe panic attacks, there are still millions of people who have to deal with them. Normal everyday stress is hard enough to deal with but when this stress causes panic attacks it is almost unbearable. Learning about the symptoms of panic attacks can give you a way to be prepared if you start having any of them. Panic attacks should no run your life, and if you are a chronic sufferer of these you should go and find a treatment that can help you beat your panic attacks.

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