You're getting the best product on the market when you get a Clearlight Basics, Refuge, or Premier sauna. That's because our infrared saunas are not just expertly crafted with premium woods like cedar and Nordic spruce, yet likewise powered by the most enhanced heating innovation readily available.

A carbon heater creates lengthy surge infrared heat, but its output has a tendency to be feeble. Customers obtain poor performance no issue which type of heating unit the supplier utilizes.

Our R&D group fixed this issue by developing truth Wave II heater, which flaunts a mix of both ceramic and carbon parts in a large panel layout. The outcome is a heater that hits the sweet area in regards to wavelength and outcome, giving you a premium sauna experience.

To further assist you get the most out of our True Wave II infrared heating units, we:.

Make certain a surface area temperature of 200 levels.

Set up heating systems on all 4 walls of the sauna, as well as under the bench.

Placement heating devices to ensure that they are routed at your physical body as opposed to over your head.

Offer a life time service warranty on the heating systems and commands.

The type of heating element utilized in a sauna has a direct effect on its performance and efficiency. Clearlight infrared saunas by Sauna Works are the only designs that deliver state-of-the-art Real Surge II modern technology, so select this brand name to ensure you receive all the wellness perks related to heat therapy.

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