We provide a variety of Hairdressing programs from beginners' courses to imaginative inspirational workshops. Regardless if you are a new comer to hairdressing or an skilled stylist attempting to bring your profession to another level, training at Oxford Hair Academy could be tailored to suit your individual needs.

All of our talented team of Educators will personally guide you through our extensive range of courses, passing on their expertise through the highest standards of teaching.

Oxford Hair Academy began in 2001. The Oxford Salon was launched in 2003.

With a group of expert Educators and 2 training salons, Oxford hair academy offers a high standard of hairdressing education from novices right through to qualified stylists. We present Apprenticeships in Hairdressing at Levels 2 & 3, Apprenticeships in Barbering at Level 2, as well as full and part-time courses at Levels 1, 2 & 3. Furthermore, we also offer great courses for skilled stylists thanks to our Artistic Team.

We work with a number of salons throughout the region and this number is consistently growing. As an Employer led company who happen to be enthusiastic about hairdressing and also focused on training; we aim to make excellent stylists who are superior to the rest!

Oxford Hair Academy is definitely a famous training provider offering Government funded and privately funded qualifications in both ladies and men's hairdressing. We all teach a variety of National Vocational Qualifications from Level 1 Novices to Level 3 Advanced.

Whether you're seeking a new Apprentice to join your group or want to develop the skills of your existing staff, we present a top standard of Hairdressing training as well as ongoing guidance and assistance.

With a choice of Hairdressing Programs from Level 1 Beginners to Level 3 Advanced, we could teach anyone of any age. We have a group of skilled and veteran Educators who teach above standard requirements, incorporating our foundation training.

We are continuously recruiting creative individuals who are eager to get jobs in a salon to be able to start an Apprenticeship. Some people are totally new to Hairdressing, while others have a Level 2 qualification and are generally searching for jobs to allow them to start a Level 3 Apprenticeship. We can assist you with the hiring process and suggest perfect Apprentices for your hair salon.

As well as assisting with hiring new personnel we can provide training for your recent team. Have you got stylists who happen to be Level 2 skilled and would be serious about starting a Level 3 Apprenticeship? Or hair experts serious in mastering Barbering skills on our Level 2 Barbering Apprenticeship?

You may even be eligible to an Employer Grant if you haven't employed an Apprentice in the last 12 months or more. We can suggest on qualification and help you to get financial aid.

Our Artistic Team provides a Graduate Program for qualified stylists to help develop skills and knowledge in cutting and coloring tactics. If you use Oxford Hair Academy to train one Apprentice you could be eligible to some courses in our Graduate Program. If two Apprentices train with us you could be eligible to even more courses! Courses can be attended by any member of your salon team.